14 Foot (4.3m) Skiff – Sport Fish

14ft Skiff Fisher Red 02
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Length : 14 ' (4.3 Meters)
Beam : 70″ (1.8 Meters)
Depth: 25″ (63.5 Cm)
Engine: 15‐25 HP Long Shaft (20″ transom notch)
Dry Hull Weight: 460 Lbs. (208 Kg.)
Max Gross Load: 4 Persons @75kg = 300kg
(Class “D”)


Product Description

To select Study Plans, or CNC Cutting Files for this boat please use the drop-down menu above.

This 4.3 Meter / 14 Foot welded aluminum alloy CNC boat kit is available in two models: The Utility version, and the Sport-Fish version.  Both share the same proven hull-form as our other small boat line-up, featuring integral floatation and our unique structural benches. As with our other small boats these provide excellent sea-keeping, unsinkable design, and are easily driven with less HP than other boats in the same size range. They are virtually indestructible little boats that will last lifetimes.

The main differences between the two designs are the placement of the seats, and the fact that the Sport-fish has casting decks fore and aft. The Sport-Fish also has an integral step to the fore-deck that doubles as a fishing rod locker.

The Study Plan Package contains Study Plans for both models so that you may compare and decide which design works best for your requirements.

Commercial builder enquiries welcomed.  (NOTE these boats are licensed to a builder in Poland so no other commercial builders may be licensed in this area.)