Stainless Steel Technology – Cutting Shop – Sudbury Ontario, Canada

Stainless Steel Technology in Ontario Canada is a fully equipped metal processing shop who we are happy to recommend for your boat-kit cutting needs in Ontario

Services: Stainless Steel Technology is fully equipped with cutting equipment suited for your needs. With a Laser and Waterjet working side by side, no task is out of reach.

The Laser jet has a cutting table of 12’ x 6’ – capable of a 5/8” thickness, while the Waterjet has a cutting table of 24′ x 10′ – capable of a 3 thickness.

Stainless Steel Technology has a full range of cutting, forming, machining and welding equipment to handle any large or small fabrication project.

Contact Stainless Steel Technology:

Telephone: (705) 692-0303
Fax: (705) 692-5995


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