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Silverback Marine – Seattle-Based Kit Assembly

Silverback Marine in Seattle is available to weld-out our boat kits for you should you decide you'd like to own one of our boats but don't wish to do the welding yourself. "We offer only the welding and metal fabrication portion of hull building. This makes a tremendous difference in keeping your costs low. If…
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Marine Consulting – Boatbuilder – Croatia

Marine Consulting is building boats in Croatia. Marine Consulting would be happy to quote you on building any of our designs in Croatia and surrounding areas. Marine Consulting Website [address] +385 42 561 320 Marine Consulting d.o.o. Željeznička ulica 3 Tomaševec Biškupečki 42204 Turčin Croatia [/address]
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Skylla Boatbuilding – Poland

Skylla Boatbuilding in Poland is standing by to build your next design. Skylla has been building our boats commercially for almost a decade. They do great work and we can highly recommend them as a builder if you are in Poland or neighboring areas. Skylla Boatbuilding Website tel: 502 339 502 | email:…
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