Custom Design Licensing

Please Read Our "About Licensing" Post First

CUSTOM DESIGNS:  If a custom design can be added to our Stock Catalog we can work at a reduced rate of $50 USD/hr. (Save 40%) A royalty of 2% of the gross advertised retail selling price per boat for all additional builds is due upon commencement of the future builds. If the custom design license is to be exclusive (bought out) then our full rate $65USD/hr. applies. A royalty calculated at 2% of the gross advertised retail selling price per boat applies to all additional builds.
NOTE:  Most Custom Designs are quoted on a flat fee basis.

MODIFICATIONS:  We are happy to make modifications to our designs based on the requirements of our builders.  In many cases modifying an existing design may be cheaper than commissioning a new design. Modifications will be billed at our Hourly Rate of $65 USD Per Hour, or for larger jobs quoted as a flat fee.

Please Contact Us to discuss your design needs.

Private Builder License
Commercial Builder License
Franchise License
Custom Design License



OWNERSHIP OF PLANS Unless otherwise agreed to by Trident Welding in writing the Owner is authorized to build only one vessel from the design. Drawings and Specifications as instruments of service are owned by and shall remain the property of the Designer. Additional hulls may be licensed for 50% of the original fee. Please contact us regarding additional builds prior to use of the files so that we may authorize use and issue licensing documents.

Upon completion of the vessel all Plans and Specifications used by the Builder during construction shall be returned to the Designer, or otherwise destroyed. All computer files such as CNC Nests, AutoCAD Drawings, must be deleted upon completion of the vessel. Any distribution, sharing, or re-use of these files is a violation of international copyright  law.

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