Franchised Builders License

Please Read Our "About Licensing" Post First

LICENSED BUILDERS: An individual, Limited Company, or Corporation who builds a boat, or boats, from our CNC Kits becomes a Licensed Builder in agreement with Metal Boat Kits.  Whether a Private Builder or Commercial Builder a Royalty for each boat built is due upon commencement of each hull build. The license fee paid at the time of purchase is for the construction of ONE HULL ONLY.  All subsequent hulls constructed require payment of  50% of the original licensing fee. Another HIN and COA will be issued for each hull upon receipt of the license fee. This must be done to ensure the boat is legal. Unlicensed boats will have a designers lien placed against them.

FRANCHISED COMMERCIAL LICENSE: Our Franchise License entitles the Builder free access to our **entire catalog (see note below) and Territorial Protection on all current and future designs in our catalog, as well as full Territorial Protection across all designs in the Builders Territory. The Franchised Builder pays a yearly flat fee for unlimited builds. We also include unlimited support and marketing including a full page dedicated to your company on our site. As well as greatly reduced rates for custom design, modifications, and marketing illustrations.  For builders building multiple smaller boats or a few of our larger boats this is a great savings, not to mention having your own design department on call for things like marketing illustrations with your trade dress, and brochures etc.

** Includes CNC Cutting Files for all of our boats up to and including 28 feet - Alaska 275. On larger boats and our commercial patrol boats franchisees get 30% discount. (Some of the bigger commercial boats will be up to $30,000 or more so even if building one boat per year the franchise license would pay for itself).

Private Builder License
Commercial Builder License
Franchise License
Custom Design License



OWNERSHIP OF PLANS Unless otherwise agreed to by Trident Welding in writing the Owner is authorized to build only one vessel from the design. Drawings and Specifications as instruments of service are owned by and shall remain the property of the Designer. Additional hulls may be licensed for 50% of the original fee. Please contact us regarding additional builds prior to use of the files so that we may authorize use and issue licensing documents.

Upon completion of the vessel all Plans and Specifications used by the Builder during construction shall be returned to the Designer, or otherwise destroyed. All computer files such as CNC Nests, AutoCAD Drawings, must be deleted upon completion of the vessel. Any distribution, sharing, or re-use of these files is a violation of international copyright  law.

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