What’s a Boat Kit?

About Our Boat Kits

What's a Boat Kit?  You'll receive a set of very detailed, easy to follow assembly drawings in PDF format and CNC Cutting Files in AutoCAD format that you can take to your local Cutting Shop who will cut the plates for you. A Certificate Of Authenticity to prove you have a legal license to build one boat, and a Hull Identification Number are also included. (See our Licensing Page for details.) All the CNC Kits and Study Plans have full materials lists that you can use to get quotes on materials from local suppliers.  In most cases the Cutting Shop will be happy to order the materials for you. They can get a better price than you or I and it makes it a one-stop vendor.

You will receive:

  • CNC Cutting Files in AutoCAD .dwg format. *
  • Detailed Assembly Drawings.
  • License to use our CNC Files to cut one boat (additional boats 50%).
  • Certificate Of Authenticity, and Serial Numbers for registration and insurance.
  • Technical Support during construction.

All Our Kits Start as 3D Computer Models. The entire boat and all the internal members, decks, and superstructures are painstakingly 3D modeled in the computer to precise tolerances. We literally build the entire boat in the computer. As you can imagine this is a monumental task. But, unlike traditional boatbuilding methods it only needs to be done once. The 3D models are then used as templates for "peeling off " all the parts. These parts are assembled into larger "nest" drawings that are exported for robotic cutting from plate stock.

  • The resulting CNC files are similar to having a mold when building fiberglass boats, except there are no storage issues. Building in metal means no molds to build, store, amortize: enabling builders to offer designs that don't require several boats built to cover the cost of tooling.
  • It also allows builders to offer a more diverse line of vessels and scale the line up or down without investment. These advantages bring commercial construction of Aluminum Alloy boats into a competitive position with fiberglass boats.
  • Commercial builders can compete head to head with fiberglass builders with repeatable precision and smooth assembly-line appearance. And home builders can easily build a store-bought / production-quality boat.

Accurate Assembly: Wherever possible parts are "notched into" each other to interlock and ensure perfectly accurate fit and easy assembly. All the hull plates are marked at the frames and other key areas to ensure the parts locate correctly. In most cases you can literally build one of our kits without using a tape measure! This precision fit and attention to the builders workflow cuts build times by 60-75% in most cases compared to traditional methods.

Advantages of Kit Boatbuilding: Traditional lofting and templating are very technical in nature but our kits put high quality metal boatbuilding into the hands of the practical builder. First time builders can achieve professional results and higher resale values, and professionals can seriously reduce build times and drastically increase profits.

Value: You can build your boat at about 1/3 of the cost of buying new. Most of our builders sell their boats at a profit even after years of use. A boat that retails for $60,000 can be built for $20,000 in materials using our kits. The cost of buying a new boat at retail can put your goals out of reach, but with a kit and some spare time you can have a larger and brand new one!

Partnership: We encourage Commercial Builders to inquire about licensing for production runs, or full franchised partnership. Or see our Licensing Page for more details.

Licensing: Note that your license purchase is for the building of ONE boat only and any additional hulls built from the files require a 50% fee per boat built. Each new boat built will be issued a new Certificate Of Authenticity and Hull Identification Number. We take copyright infringement very seriously and have a policy of issuing Designers Liens / Legal Action against any, and all unauthorized builds. Email us for licensing additional builds and production runs. If you have purchased a boat to our design and suspect that it may not be licensed (no COA/HIN) please contact us regarding the builder and we will issue you the proper paperwork to make your boat legal. 

Each new boat built, bought, or sold MUST be accompanied by a Certificate Of Authenticity and Hull Identification Number to be legal. Insurance companies and local authorities may ask for this documentation.

Notes on  Drawings & Services

    1. Compliance with regulations in the country of operation/registration will be the responsibility of the owner/builder.
    1. Recreational vessels may have additional drawings furnished as an option.
  1. Not furnished: Systems drawings/information such HVAC (Heating, ventilation, Air Conditioning, electrical),-Specifications, – Statement of Requirements, etc.


OWNERSHIP OF PLANS Unless otherwise agreed to by Trident Welding in writing the Owner is authorized to build only one vessel from the design. Drawings and Specifications as instruments of service are owned by and shall remain the property of the Designer whether the Project for which they are made is executed or not.  The design itself remains the exclusive property of the Rick Welin.  Rick Welin / Trident Welding has the sole right to authorize subsequent use of such plans or files. Additional hulls may be licensed for 50% of the original fee. Please contact us regarding additional builds prior to use of the files so that we may authorize use and issue licensing documents.

The Owner shall be permitted to retain copies of Assembly Drawings and Specifications for information and reference only in connection with the Owner's use for maintenance, repair and operation of the completed vessel.  Upon completion of the vessel all Plans and Specifications used by the Builder during construction shall be returned to the Designer, or otherwise destroyed. All computer files such as CNC Nests, AutoCAD Drawings, must be deleted upon completion of the vessel. Any distribution, reuse, or sharing of these files will be met with the full extent of international copyright  law.

* In some cases, with more complex designs and commercial vessels, the CNC file will be provided directly to the cutting shop with the understanding they will not release or re-use the file in any way. In this case we will deal directly with the cutting shop of your choice on your behalf.