Walkaround 20

LOA : 21.2 ‘
Beam 7.9 ‘
Molded depth at Transom 41″
Deadrise 18.73 deg.
Power : Outboard 150 to 250 HP
150HP = 35 Knots 250HP = 45 Knots



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Based on the popular Pacific Northwest sports fishing boats, the Walkaround 20 has self-bailing decks, built in 60 gal fuel tank , integral engine bracket , center console , and plenty of storage.

This type of boat is quite common in the Pacific Northwest where they are used both commercially and for pleasure. Welded Aluminum construction means durability that will last lifetimes and the self bailing deck leaves the worry of bilge pumps behind . She is watertight from the deck down making her virtually unsinkable, and with 1/4" bottom plating punching a hole in the bottom isn't easily done. With her built in 60 gallon fuel tank long runs to the fishing grounds are no problem .

We are very proud of this hull form. The fully developed topside plates flare out gently to meet the conical bow. The chine step runs all the way forward to knock down spray as well as adding considerable strength up fwd.

We are considering a cuddy cabin version and perhaps a small cabin cruiser version of this kit in the near future .... Please contact us to express your interest!  The addition of kits / options is based on your feedback. 

(It should be noted that your purchased License is for the building of ONE boat only and any additional hulls built from the files require a 50% License fee per boat built.) Email us for licencing additional builds or commercial production runs.


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    Ryan Early Commented:

    “Pretty impressed with this kit, things fit together really well”

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