12 Foot (3.6m) Skiff kit

12 foot skiff  Web 01.3
12 foot skiff  Web 01.412 foot skiff  Web 01.512 foot skiff  Web 01After searching for a good commercial duty welded aluminum dinghy and having no luck, I decided I would have to design one for myself. This 12 Footer is as tough as it gets , with .125" (1/8") plating it will last a lifetime with no fear of rocky shorelines or barnacle encrusted docks.Schempf Dinghy 018Schempf Dinghy 017Schempf Dinghy 011

LOA : 12′
Beam: 5′ 5″
Depth : 20″
17″ (at engine notch)
Vessel Weight: = 256 lbs.
Power: 9.9 – 20 HP


Product Description

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Have a look at our Build Logs section for a comprehensive gallery of build photos of this boat kit.

This welded aluminum dinghy will take a beating and last a lifetime. A dingy or yacht tender leads a rough life , being dragged up on many a rocky shoreline or bashing against encrusted piers. . Inflatable and fiberglass boats just don't stand up over the long term. This skiff was designed out of frustration with existing products on the market.... Most are simply too "tender" or are too delicate for actual everyday usage.

This one provides a safe dry ride and load carrying for the real world. Designed by a boater , for boaters. Built with 1/8" aluminum plating  and all welded seams. She is extra beamy for load carrying. A moderate VEE bottom ensures strength as well as a comfortable ride. She has as a 2" pipe rubrail for hand holds and super strength. The "scuppers" all around under the rub-rails afford plenty of places for tying lines or attaching canvas for cushioning bumpers while along side the mother ship. Plenty of room for cargo and people. Foam Filled Floatation compartments ensure level floatation when swamped. (Customer supplies pour in place foam. )

(It should be noted that your purchase is for the building of ONE boat only and any additional hulls built from the files require a 50% fee per boat built.) Email us for licencing additional builds and production runs.


  1. :

    Hello Rick,

    Just thought I’d drop you a quick message to say my first skiff is progressing well. The quality of the design translates to a kit that goes together really well with nothing needed in the way of cutting/shaping. You never really know what you are going to get until you take the plunge but I have to say the build has been a real pleasure. So much so I wish I’d done this years ago.

    Best regards
    Jim Davey

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